mix tapes. skate ditches. bomb hills. jump fences. surf waves. shoot piers. break dance. do burnouts. build jumps. jib logs. throw eggs. drive thru. play music. paint walls. write letters. climb trees. drink beer. light fireworks. make love. stay humble. stay loose. stay true. have fun. run with us.

We are an independent, counter-culture, employee owned business. The owners of the business run the business. The majority of everything we do is produced in- house and where possible, sourced locally. It’s an environment to try new things, with creative people passionate about their craft. We create and produce what we like, not what’s on trend... premium without pretension.

  • Gin 001 / Botanical
  • Gin 001 / Botanical
  • Gin 001 / Botanical
  • Gin 001 / Botanical

Gin 001 / Botanical

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juniper, coriander, lemon peel, lemongrass, sencha tea, cin-namon, cassia bark, angelica root, Szechuan pepper.

a beautifully complimentary floral and herbal combination of juniper, coriander, green sencha, lemon peel and cinnamon.

earthy botanicals, lemon and grassy sencha tea with a smooth, gripping spice-filled finish.


Located on iconic South Beach, Running with Thieves includes a bar, restaurant and retail outlet that reflects the modern, relaxed sophistication of South Fremantle. 

The venue is home to a fully operational brewery and distillery, and produces a range of craft beers, in addition to premium spirits and crafted

For general enquiries, please contact:

For booking and function inquiries over 8 people, please contact bookings@runningwiththieves.com or 0499198145


  1. Introducing Low-Carb Hazy

    Low carb, 120 calories, gluten reduced!
  2. Apparel/Lifestyle

    The concept for Running With Thieves was born in 2013. Developed as a lifestyle and apparel brand, the first limited run t-shirt came only a month later. And as they say, the rest is history. 
  3. Venue

    Running With Thieves was conceived on a plane, returning from Tokyo, after a lot of sake. Its inevitable that our menu would follow the same inspiration.
  4. Spirits/Seltzers/Bottled Cocktails

    We have developed a range of small batch seltzers produced from the distillery in South Fremantle. Seltzers look pretty simple right, just a bit of flavoured alcoholic carbonated water?....well yeh but not really.