What is Running With Thieves?

mix tapes. skate ditches. bomb hills. jump fences. surf waves. shoot piers. break dance. do burnouts. build jumps. jib logs. throw eggs. drive thru. play music. paint walls. write letters. climb trees. drink beer. light fireworks. make love. stay humble. stay loose. stay true. have fun. run with us.

Running With Thieves are producers of premium quality goods for people with questionable lifestyles. We are an independent, counter-culture, employee owned business. The owners of the business run the business. The majority of everything we do is produced in- house and where possible, sourced locally. It’s an environment to try new things, with creative people passionate about their craft. We create and produce what we like, not what’s on trend… premium without pretension.

The How, What and Why of Running With Thieves

A misspent youth between founder and Creative Director, Brooklyn Whelan and Co Founder plus Head of Apparel, Pablo Frenkel led to the creation of Running with Thieves. Starting in Sydney in 2013 as a streetwear and lifestyle brand, the project then grew bigger with the extension of the brewery and distillery in 2018.

Running with Thieves is an environment to try new things with creative people passionate about their craft. We create and produce what we like, not what’s on trend and with no set plan.

Like all successful enterprises, it's only as good as the team it evolves with... welcome to the stage, Head Brewer & Distiller, Paul Gasmier (aka The Wizard) responsible for brewery and distilling our evolving range of beer and spirits including Gin, Vodka, Whiskey and Run, and a range of amazing pre-mixed cocktails.

So for now that's our story.. stay tuned, stay loose and run with us.

Acknowledgement of Country: Running with Thieves acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and future traditional custodians and elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.