Introducing Super Draught.. with BCP Terpenes from the Sativa Cannabis plant.

At Running with Thieves, we believe in doing things differently. That's why we've decided to add a little something extra to our beer. 

Enter terpenes, the hidden heroes of the plant world. These compounds not only give plants their unique aroma and flavour, but they also pack a punch of therapeutic and medicinal benefits like anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and stress and anxiety relief properties. We've gone all out and added Beta Caraphylene (BCP) terpenes, straight from the Sativa Cannabis plant, to our Super Draught beer. And the best part is, these powerful compounds are non-psychoactive and 100% legal in Australia, so you can enjoy a cold one without any worries. 

So, next time you grab a Super Draught, raise your glass and cheers to the power of plants, and to good beer. You're welcome.