Spirits/Seltzers/Bottled Cocktails


We have developed a range of small batch seltzers produced from the distillery in South Fremantle. Seltzers look pretty simple right, just a bit of flavoured alcoholic carbonated water?....well yeh but not really.

Beethoven wrote his first symphony at 12 years of age, pretty simple really…. see where we are going with this?

Made by hand in our copper pot stills, our small batch seltzers are a perfectly balanced blend of Australian sparkling water, Thieves premium triple distilled Vodka, wild Australian botanicals and natural flavours. RWT Seltzers have an ABV of 4.5%, are low in calories, refreshing and sugar free, minimising the impact on physical and social well-being. 

Because we all have different moods and various places to be, we have developed two ranges: The Botanical and the Cocktail Range.

All our seltzers are packaged in a 375ml can and are available in a four pack or carton, online, at the brewery and any RWT friendly outlet.

Simple but sophisticated.

375ml can
Sold as an individual 375ml unit, 4 pack and carton
ABV 4.5%
No artificial sweeteners and less than 2g carbs
Less than 100 calories per 375ml can